Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering
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AEM spotlight:


I am working with the Deep Space Network (DSN) Transmitter group. My main task for the summer is to redo a circuit board involved in the metering and interlock timing for the klystron tube filament of the power amplifier for the High-Efficiency (HEF) 34-meter antennas. The filament heats the cathode of the klystron tube allowing for the release of electrons and the amplification of the incoming signal. After a previous update to this system the metering on the circuit was off. I have made changes to the circuit and thoroughly tested it on the bench. This coming Thursday, June 28, we will be going out to the Goldstone facility to test the circuit in the live system. In addition to making updates to the board I am working on a printed circuit board version to replace the outdated wirewrap board.
-Steven Spaulding


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