Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering
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AEM spotlight:

Erik Semrud Student

    I worked on a project called Lunar Surface Sample Return (LSSR). My portion of the project involved using GSFC’s beta software, GMAT, and using STK and MATLAB to analyze the duration of low altitude, frozen, polar, lunar orbits. I found the optimal launching longitude, and the periapsis and apoapsis altitudes of the orbit, taking into account many different constraints, including fuel constraints and time in the sun to charge the solar panels. Once I determined the optimal orbit, I completed a sensitivity analysis on the orbit, by randomly varying different orbital elements, burn magnitudes and burn angles and determining the overall affect on the mission. The software used the latest 165 by 165 lunar model and propagates every second for the highest possible accuracy.
The work I am doing is very interesting and challenging. It has provided me with both a real world working environment and a knowledge of lunar orbits. This has been an amazing experience so far. There are so many cool people and interns working at NASA, and there is so much to see out here on the east coast.

Erik Semrud

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