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AEM spotlight:

Interns at Work


Growing numbers of AEM undergraduates are displaying the initiative to get ‘real world’ work experience and are securing internships within their industry as part of their academic career. 

Third and fourth year BAEM students have the opportunity to gain credit towards their degree by completing an internship.  The program gives students a taste of joining the work world while still being enrolled in school.   While AEM provides contacts at local businesses, the students interested independently pursue and secure these positions. 

Usually, interns complete a one-semester industrial assignment and receive a grade based on their technical report that’s graded at the end of the term. 
AEM faculty adviser for the program Prof. Bill Garrad comments, "Internships are a very important part of the educational experience for many engineering students.  Employers look for professional work experience and internships allow students the opportunity to determine their interests and evaluate employers. Internships allow students to see how what they learn at the University is used in practice and also allow students the opportunity to observe professional engineering at work. "
The spectrum of employers that hire AEM students varies greatly both in type of company as well as location.  Specifically within the industry, we’ve recently had students complete internships at NASA, Northwest Airlines, Cirrus Design, GE Aviation, ATK, and Continental Airlines.
But we’ve also seen students making unique applications of their degrees and education.  Our students are finding positions and great learning experiences in organizations beyond the aerospace/aviation industry, including companies working with things like satellite services, filtration solutions, construction equipment, optical laser development, recreational boat development, energy management and cryogenics. 
The experience is broad and the projects vary extraordinarily, but, each student that has completed an internship has commented on the invaluable experience it provided. 
BAEM senior, Jonathon Buchberger, commented, “I think this is an excellent program. …This is a great way for us to see where all of our work in school is leading us.”  Buchberger completed an internship in the spring of 2009 in the testing lab at Donaldson Company, a filtration company located in Bloomington, Mn.    His primary learning activity was to gain hands on experience with testing procedures, and in the end, indicated a great satisfaction with his experience.
For more information on finding AEM students to work at your organization, or if you’re looking for an internship, click here.


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