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NASA intern applications due Feb. 1st

Students going to grad school or not graduating spring 08 NASA Langley’s summer intern program

What follows is a message from an AEM alumnus at NASA regarding the upcoming NASA intern deadline. View these and other internship opportunities here. The stories of previous NASA interns can be found here.

Just wanted to let you know that information on NASA Langley’s summer intern program (LARSS) can be found at .  The deadline for applications is February 1st.  The LARSS program is a great way for students to get exposure to aerospace research and get a foot in the door at NASA.  I participated in the program in 2004, where I made contacts that led to my current employment in the Flight Dynamics Branch at NASA Langley.  Please let your students know about this program.


Austin Murch – Former AEM student

BAEM 2005

Austin Murch
NASA Langley Research Center
Flight Dynamics Branch
Mail Stop 308
8 Langley Boulevard
Hampton, VA 23681-2199

Building 1232, Room 315
Phone: (757) 864-8292
Fax: (757) 864-7722

For more information on internships, visit AEM's internship resource page.


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