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Hangar Construction Begins

Construction of Akerman Hall Hangar begins on March 11th.

Demolition is the first item on the schedule. The temporary labs constructed in 1984 will be the first to come down as well as the removal of the windows and doors. The UMN Facilites Management Abatement Group will lead the process of safely removing the doors and windows that contain high levels of asbestos and lead paint.

The emptied hangar taken days before construction begins

Total demolition is expected to conclude early summer. Following its completion, electrical work will begin and the contractors will also begin the process of the roof removal for the extension of the fire code compliant staircase.

The department has spent the previous four months in preparation for the start of the project that will completely change the function of the space that makes up the south end of Akerman Hall. The Hangar area has been completely emptied and all of the research labs and projects within have been relocated.

If you'd like to watch the renovation process, checkout our recently installed construction cam. The space committee has had a user-interactive webcam installed that provides a live webfeed of the project. To see the space now, click here to view.

For more detailed information, see the project webpage here.

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