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Construction Update: Hangar renovation nearing completion

Dramatic changes are taking place to the exterior of the Akerman Hall this week. The windows for the second and third floor classrooms are being replaced and the construction of (excavation for) the grand front plaza has also begun.

Union Street entrance..

Change is also dramatic inside the hangar.   Glass walls were installed on the mezzanine level last week. Wall finishing has also  begun, including the painting and drywall and the installation of the specialized textures for the walls. The fire life saftey work in Akerman Hall and Old ME is almost complete as the sprinkler and fire alarm systems have been installed and are being tested.

All in all construction is moving along according to schedule. The  hangar renovation will be completed as scheduled, early this September.  However, continued building upgrades, including the installation of an HVAC system and new windows throughout, will continue over the course of the next year.   When complete, Akerman Hall will be in the best condition it has ever been!

For more information on the project, please click here.

Replacing the windows for second and third floor classrooms.

View from south wall to the main entrance.

Shown here are the recently installed mezannine level glass walls.


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