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Construction Update: Windows and Grand Entrance installation begins

The windows and new grand entrance of Akerman Hall were installed at the end of July. This installation has been the most visible and dramatic change to the exterior throughout the construction process. It has drastically improved the appearance of the building.

The new exterior as seen from Scholars Walk.

The rest of the project also continues to progress on schedule. Inside the building, drywall has been installed and the painters are applying the first coats to the walls. All of the electrical systems upgrades are complete. The new stairwell to the third floor is finished and the shaft that will house the lift is finished and ready for installation.

Finally, the designs and preparation for the landscaping for the grand front plaza is underway.

In the rest of the building, the installation of the sprinkler and alarm systems are nearing completion with only the first and basement level remaining.  The classroom renovations are in progress.  When finished they will all receive new carpet, whiteboards, and windows. 

The live construction webcam will be out of order for a brief time at the beginning of August. Once back online, we’re happy to report that it will be installed permanentl and will provide long term visual access to the newly renovated space.

The architects and the space committee have designed the new face of the building to resemble the same visual presence it had with the door intact.

For more information no the project or for information on how to get involved, click here.


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