Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering
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AEM spotlight:

Congratulations Graduates!

On Friday, May 7th, AEM undergrads saw the light at the end of the tunnel. Though finals still laid ahead for many in the following week, AEM students participated in IT's commencement ceremony, graduating from the University of Minnesota after much hard work and dedication. In their honor, AEM held a graduating seniors' reception before commencement, where student projects were displayed and accomplishments lauded.

Photos from the event are freely available for download by students and families of our students. Click here.

This is yet another extremely talented group of engineers, and we wish them the best in their future pursuits. Congratulations Graduates!

Kevin Anderson
Stefan Bartkowicz
Sergey Berg
Daniel Bissell
Christopher Boyle
Nicholas Brown
Jonathan Buchberger
Alfred Chiu
Siu Choi
Philip Courey
Derek Dahl
Kerstin Diesch
Derek Dinzl
Byron Edgar
Andrew Fabrizius
Christopher Geis
Cory Gloe
Christopher Hansen
Lauren Harbin
Melissa Hausmann
Nicholas Kraus
Joshua Larsen
Leonardo Le
Peter Leonhardt
Jacob Loehr
Brendan Lonergan
Jeffrey Lueth
Patrick Lyons
Anthony Mallizzio
Eric Mayer
Joel Meyer
Aaron Meyers
Gareth Nelson
Andres Padron
Derek Petersen
Eliot Peterson
Joseph Philip
Anthony Price

Andrew SanGiacomo
Maxwell Schaefer
Alexander Schnedler
Kyle Senst
Mark Shook
Jared Siegel
Loren Sjoquist
Shelby Sullivan
Mentan Tatah
Thomas Thoe
Alexander Tran
Adam Treager
Joseph Umhoefer
Michael VanArsdale
Lindsey Wagner
Sean Watts
Nathan Wittmers
Feng Xiong
Benjamin Zeise
Mathew Zwack


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