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Fosdick selected for Engineering Science Medal

Roger Fosdick

Professor Roger Fosdick was selected to receive the 2010 Engineering Science Medal from the Society of Engineering Science.

The prize is in the form of a medal, the Engineering Science Medal, and an award of $2000. The prize is awarded in recognition of his singularly important contributions to Engineering Science in the Understanding of Instabilities in Complex Fluids and Solids.

The award was a pleasant surprise. "The announcement ... was a great surprise to me and I am thrilled to be named as the sixth recipient. It came out of the 'clear blue' and my surprise was unbelievably pleasant, and wonderfully shocking," commented Fosdick.

Prof. Fosdick joined the faculty of AEM at UMN in 1962. His current research directions include both solid and fluid like materials and are concerned with crystalline and amorphous structures, as well as mixtures. He has been the Editor in Chief at the Journal of Elasticity since 1997 and is also on the Editorial Board for the Electronic Jounral of mathetmatical and Physical Sciences and the Journal of Differential Equations and Nonlinear Mechanics.

"The Society of Engineering Science has only awarded the Engineering Science Medal 5 previous times since its inception in 1987. [AEM Prof. Emeritus] Jerald Ericksen, was the first recipient of this award. We are honored that Roger will be its sixth recipient," said AEM department head, Prof. Gary Balas.

For more on his research click here.

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