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High-Power Rockets Exhibited
in Akerman Hanger

After a successful semester of building high-power rockets, defined as rockets using H-size (or larger) motors, Dr. James Flaten's AEM 1905 Freshman Seminar class hosted a high-power rocket exhibit in Akerman Hall's hanger lobby on December 10th.

"This was an opportunity for students to show off all their hard work and demonstrate what they have learned," explained Dr. Flaten, Associate Director of NASA's Minnesota Space Grant Consortium (MnSGC) and Contract Assistant Professor in AEM. "I particularly like giving incoming freshman challenging and exciting hands-on aerospace opportunities, as they start to make decisions about what to major in."

In addition to learning basic rocketry physics, the seminar also covered using rocketry computer simulations, constructing high-power rockets, and flying them; some reaching several thousand feet! The class also included discussions focused on the past, present, and future of real-spaceflight rocketry for manned and unmanned missions into low-Earth-orbit and beyond.

Over the course of the semester, student teams built and flew two rounds of high-power rockets - nine rockets total. This experience served as adequate preparation for earning "Level 1" and "Level 2" certification with the Tripoli MN High-Power Rocketry Club, for students interested in continuing into individually-built rockets.

For more information on this Freshman Seminar and the student's accomplishments, please contact Dr. James Flaten at or (612) 626-9295.

Students from the Fall 2013 AEM 1905 High-Power Rocketry Freshman Seminar proudly exhibit their semester's work in Akerman Hall's hanger lobby.

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