Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering
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AEM spotlight:

Fall 2009 Graduate Class


Continuing on the path of post-baccalaureate excellence, AEM welcomes another highly talented group of Graduate students to the program.

The incoming class includes 23 students from around the globe, and was selected from a pool of applications that was 33% larger than over previous years. Not surprisingly, this made for a very competitive pool.

With diversity a continued priority this year, we have a great mix of international and domestic students. International students join us from Singapore, India and China. Domestic students include some of the top science and engineering graduates from the area private institutions, including St Johns, Macalester, and Hamline. “We sought to attract students from engineering disciplines as well as from disciplines that compliment engineering” comments Director of Graduate Studies, Prof. Perry Leo.

Another number higher than usual is the number of students coming with funding from their employers. Leo said, “It was a high priority for us this year to attract students working in local industry. We made significant efforts and we succeeded.” Where typically less than 5% of the incoming class includes students funded by their employers, this year local companies are funding 26% of our incoming class.

Leo remarked of the class, "With this talented class we see the continued commitment to the excellence in research our program has come to expect from our students."

The students were welcomed to the department at a gathering hosted by the department at Sally's Saloon in Stadium Village on Friday, September 11th.

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