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AEM alum Richard DeLeo passes away

Richard DeLeo

AEM alum Richard DeLeo passed away on November 13 at the age of 90. DeLeo and his late wife Shirley were proud supporters for the University of Minnesota and generous donors to the AEM program. The AEM Undergraduate Student Office and AIAA Student Chapter room was dedicated in their honor in April.

DeLeo began his aerospace career in 1940 as an undergraduate in aeronautical engineering at the University of Minnesota. In 1943, he left school to serve with the Army 84th Infantry Division. His 33-month tour of duty during World War II took him to Louisiana, Texas, and Germany. DeLeo then returned to the University in 1946 to finish his education. He received his bachelor’s degree in aeronautical engineering in 1946 and his master’s degree in 1948. DeLeo worked as a project scientist for the Rosemount Engineering Company for 10 years, from 1947 to 1957, and served as Vice President for Aeronautical Research at Rosemount from 1957 to 1988. He was a member of the Minnesota Inventors Hall of Fame and received the University of Minnesota Outstanding Achievement Award in 2005.

DeLeo was seen as a pioneering leader in aeronautical engineering, whose major contributions in the design and development of air data sensors for aerospace vehicles have had a far-reaching impact. His inventions as a technical engineer have improved the performance and safety of aircraft, and he was seen as a visionary executive who greatly contributed to the development of a new high-technology industry in Minnesota. The DeLeos have provided outstanding support for students in the Department of Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics through scholarships and providing funding for student projects and competitions, and we continue to be grateful for their generosity.

Richard DeLeo’s obituary can be viewed here.

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