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AEM spotlight:

Candler and Schwartzentruber receive $5 million AFOSR grant

Bridging the scales; computations ranging from quantum mechanics to large-scale CFD modeling, and experiments ranging from materials science to the largest hypersonic wind tunnels in the world.

Principal investigator, AEM Prof. Graham Candler, along with Prof. Tom Schwartzentruber (AEM), and Prof. Donald Truhlar (Chemistry), have received a three year, $5M grant from the Air Force Office of Scientific Research to develop hypersonic vehicles that will fly high in the atmosphere for extended periods of time.

These vehicles will fly in a non-equilibrium flow regime where current computational models for predicting the chemistry within the shock-layer and at the gas-surface interaction are inadequate. Such vehicles will experience extreme heating rates that will cause the heat shield to erode and change shape. The challenge is that in contrast to a reentry capsule, such vehicle surfaces must remain aerodynamic, resulting in the need for advanced thermal protection systems and a much better understanding of the high-temperature gas-surface interactions.

Other researchers involved join the project from Penn State, University of Arizona, Montana State, and University of Buffalo. The teamís research breadth ranges from quantum mechanics and computational chemistry, to experimental high-temperature materials, to large scale numerical simulation.


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