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KSTP Channel 5 Eyewitness News
Interviews Prof. Balas about Missing Malaysian Plane

KSTP Channel 5 Eyewitness News visited the University of Minnesota campus today to meet with AEM Professor Gary Balas and discuss the difficulty of searching for the missing Malaysia Airlines plane.

According to KSTP's article, "dozens of ships and aircraft are searching about 100 nautical miles in all directions from the spot where Malaysia Airlines flight 370 was last seen on radar." Once found, teams will investigate the cause for the crash using the black box, which should still be intact and contains information about the plane's systems and performance.

However, now several days into the search, Balas explains that finding the vessel is difficult despite modern technology.

"When they fly over oceans, their ability to have radar contact and knowledge of where the aircraft are is reduced," explained Balas.

The plane should be equipped with transporters that send out a signal for approximately 30 days, but coming from the ocean floor, it can be very weak.

"It's challenging. Obviously, it's just a small, it's not a high-powered beacon," says Balas. "The naked eye may be the best tool available to find the plane."

For more information, watch KSTP's interview and read their article here.

Indonesian Navy pilots searching for the missing Malaysian Airlines Boeing 777 over the waters bordering Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand near the Malacca straits. (Photo: AP/Binsar Bakkara)

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