Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering
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AEM Hosts the MN ACE Camp

This year was the third time that Professor Mettler and her students hosted the MN ACE (Aviation Career Education) Camp (visit the website here). The MN ACE Camp is available to high-school students (sophomore-seniors) interested in learning more about the aerospace community (i.e., pilots, researchers, air traffic controllers, etc). During the week-long camp the students get a broad overview of aviation related activities in the Twin Cities area. They typically have the opportunity to fly a helicopter and a glider, visit a variety of different types of airplanes and helicopters, visit several aerospace companies in MN to learn about their work, and much more. This year, the camp's visit to the U of M campus takes place on two separate days - June 27 and July 25, 2014.

After receiving an introduction to the Aerospace program, the ACE Camp students were guided on several tours and activities throughout the Aerospace Department at the U of M. They visited Prof. Mettler's Interactive Guidance and Control Lab (IGCL) where Bin Li engaged them in an interactive experiment involving a helicopter landing automatically on a miniature train (without remote controls). They visited the wind tunnels under the guidance of Andrew Feit and the fluids lab thanks to Prof. Longmire's involvement. Monique Hladun helped them understand the aerodynamics of maple leaf and build their own maple leaf glider. This year, guided by two students from the UAV Lab, they also had the opportunity to see and ask questions about a UAV (Thor).

On July 25 - the second day of the camp - the students will have the opportunity to view work from recently graduated seniors, the IGCL, the UAV lab, and other labs and groups within the department.

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