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New Ground Station Installed at Ash River

Ground Station

Ground station installed by Professor Gebre and Professor Glesener

University of Minnesota’s Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics professor Demoz Gebre Egziabher, and Astrophysics professor Lindsay Glesener, have been working together on the installation of a high-latitude ground station on UMN property in Ash River, MN which is located about 100 miles north of the UMN’s Duluth campus. The operation of this station is currently being run by the Aerospace Corporation in El Segundo, CA. Aerospace Corp is a research and development center that is federally funded by the United States Air Force and provides engineering solutions and technical support to its customers to solve complex challenges within the industry. Since the station is on UMN property, both the AEM and Physics and Astronomy departments have the ability to access to Aerospace Corp’s network in order to communicate with satellites in orbit. This collaboration allows for research opportunities that will greatly benefit both departments.






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