Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering
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AEM Alumni Present Career Opportunities

Alumni Ralph Heimer and Richard Brasket shared their insights about their education and how it shaped their career with AEM undergraduates as part of an alumni panel event April 28th . The event helped students explore their career opportunities and develop their networking skills.

Alumni and AEM students and researchers in Design Class Lab

Ralph Heimer received his AEM BS degree in 1977. Ralph started at the U after four years in the Navy and worked 8 hours a week as a flight instructor while attending school. Many years after graduation, he realized his dream of becoming a commercial airline pilot when he accepted a position with Delta and worked there until they went bankrupt. His next career path led him to become a pilot for a private airline that catered to corporate executives and celebrities. Currently, he works for an international airline, where he flies out of an international location for three weeks, and then returns to Minnesota for a month or two

Richard Brasket received his AEM BS degree in 1957 with distinction and continued with an additional year of graduate work in aerodynamics and math. His interest in aviation was sparked by his brother who was a B-25 pilot in WWII. After graduating, Richard took a position with FluiDyne where he rose through the ranks until he retired in 2006 as VP of Aerotest Operations. Richard is also a member of the Hopkins Police Reserve, a volunteer position he has held for over 50 years.

Left to Right: Kathy Peters-Martell (CSE Develoopment Officer), Alumnus Richard Brasket, Gary Balas, (AEM Department Head) and Alumnus Ralph Heimer

The event was co-sponsored by the Department of Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics and the College of Science and Engineering Development Office

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