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Dr. Kaushik Bhattacharya Honored with OAA



On October 19, 2018, Dr. Kaushik Bhattacharya received the outstanding achievement award. During the presentation of the award, President Kaler stated, “the outstanding achievement award is the highest honor the University of Minnesota bestows upon a graduate.”

Dr. Bhattacharya studies the mechanical behavior of solids while using theory to assist him in developing new materials. Previously, Bhattacharya has received the Warner T. Koiter Medal of the American Society of Mechanical Engineering, the Young Investigators Prize from the Society of Engineering Science, the Special Achievements Award in Applied Mechanics from American Society of Mechanical Engineers, and the National Science Foundation Young Investigator Award.

Dr. Bhattacharya received this award in front of fellow colleagues and students. While receiving the award Bhattacharya said, “I’m really very grateful to this university‚Ķ I grew up in a culture where the word teacher meant a lot.” He then went on to discuss his experience studying at the University and later teaching, and how that experience helped him achieve his goals.

After the initial presentation of the award, Dr. Bhattacharya presented his own studies and work to the room. Students and faculty at the lecture were able to hear and learn about concepts like linear elasticity, plasticity, and effective behavior.





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