Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering
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Professor Gary Balas wins a MnDRIVE Transdisciplinary Research Program Award

The MnDRIVE Transdisciplinary Research Program awarded Professor Balas for his research project titled "Precision Agriculture: Robotics and Sensor Development for Revolutionary Improvements in the Global Food Supply and Reduced Environmental Impact in the Agriculture Industry". Balas and his team of co-investigators are working to revolutionize the agriculture industry by using novel robotics and sensors, such as small uninhabited aerial vehicles (UAVs).

The program awarded nearly $6 million to 12 projects (approximately $500,000 per award) that cover at least three of the four MnDRIVE research areas, bringing together faculty and resources from multiple disciplines across the university including researchers from the sciences, arts, humanities, business, education, and policy. The awards benefit 87 researchers in 16 colleges and 50 departments across three U of M campuses. More than 30 external partners are also involved, including state agencies and industry leaders such as 3M, Cargill, and Great River Energy.

Please join the department in congratulating Professor Balas and his co-investigators on this wonderful opportunity and achievement. Co-investigators from the Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics department include Demoz Gebre-Egziabher, Peter Seiler, and Brian Taylor. For more information, visit:

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