Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering
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AEM Students Receive Scholarships

Twenty three Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics undergraduate students were awarded scholarships and one graduate student was awarded a fellowship as a result of their financial need and academic merit. The following students received scholarships and fellowships:

AEM Program Initiatives Fund Scholarship

  • Cole Galbraith
  • Dexter Groath
  • Jacqueline Sotraidis

Albert George Oswald Prize/Outstanding Research (CSE)

  • Andrew Akerson

Boeing Scholarship

  • Austin Langford
  • Barbara Sampaio Felix

Chester Gaskell Aeronautical Engineering Scholarship

  • Patipan Pipatpinyopong
  • Jesse DeFiebre
  • David Deng

Eric W. Harslem Scholarship for Aerospace Engineering

  • Benjamin Hiltbrand
  • Briana Preimesberger

John and Robert McCollum Memorial Scholarship

  • Michael Kroells
  • Apurva Badithela

Lawrence E. Goodman Scholarship

  • Andrew Akerson

Louis R. and Dona S. Wagner Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics Scholarship

  • Tyler Kraut
  • Truc Huynh

Peter J. Torvik Fellowship

  • Andrew Vechart

Richard & Shirley DeLeo Scholarship

  • Michael Waataja

Richard G. Brasket AEM Scholarship

  • Robert Tanner
  • Joshua Hemelgarn

Robert H. & Marjorie F. Jewett Scholarship

  • Peter Humbert
  • Nicholas Morse
  • Hyunuk In

Rose Minkin Aerospace Engineering Scholarship

  • Lincoln Priebe
  • Jeremy Anderson

For more information and to view current and past scholarship recipients, please visit:

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