Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering
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AEM Students Receive Scholarships

Eighteen Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics (AEM) undergraduate students were awarded scholarships and two graduate students were awarded fellowships due to their financial need and academic merit. The following students received scholarships and fellowships:

Chester Gaskell Aeronautical Engineering Scholarship

  • Samuel Vanhavermaet
  • Michael Calvert
  • Lucia Baker

John and Robert McCollum Memorial Scholarship

  • Michael Korells
  • Sarah Lunkenheimer

Eric W. Harslem Scholarship for Aerospace Engineering

  • Benjamin Hiltbrand

Richard & Shirley DeLeo Scholarship

  • Kenneth States

Robert H. & Marjorie F. Jewett Scholarship

  • Alex Hayes
  • Michael Koenig
  • Maius Wong

Boeing Scholarships

  • Andrew Akerson
  • Kate Schumitsch

Richard G. Brasket AEM Scholarship

  • Brady Wojt
  • Benjamin Setterholm

Albert George Oswald Prize/Outstanding Research (CSE)

  • Lucia Baker

Minkin Scholarship

  • Robert Tanner
  • Jacqueline Sotraidis
  • Daniel Hanson

Ken & Rosemary Anderson Graduate Fellowship

  • Sally Keyes
  • Ke Sun

For more information and to view current and past scholarship recipients, please visit:

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