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AEM Professional Advisory Board Recommendations - Spring 2014

The AEM Professional Advisory Board meets biannually to evaluate the department's programs and provide advice on educational and professional issues. The board consists of industry professionals from local and national organizations. On April 25, 2014, board members met and identified several focus areas for the coming years.

Recommendations associated with these focus areas include:

  • Engage Student Advisory Board on how to improve 3101 and have clear expectations on outcomes;
  • Consider hiring a senior undergraduate or graduate student (from marketing discipline) to coordinate alumni and industry interaction, increase diversity in student population, and develop AEM brand on web and YouTube;
  • Increase number of female AEM students, consider offering scholarships, target Wisconsin students, expand freshman seminar, target girls-only high schools, generate awareness of AEM graduates (YouTube videos of events and flyers of real-world applications/careers);
  • Provide more time for the Professional Advisory Board to interact with undergraduates; and
  • Improve undergraduate access to internships through alumni and industry contacts, involve current/past interns, as well.

The Professional Advisory Board also had some comments and observations for the department, including:

  • The board committed to support a fall event focused on career development and opportunity;
  • The board was pleased with more undergraduate representation to provide feedback on the AEM program;
  • Students found materials and instructors to be engaging, citing freshman seminar and Mechanics of Flight, in particular;
  • Students received improved communication about seminars, coursework, and opportunities;
  • Undergraduates want a more personalized approach to finding industry contacts for employment and internships;
  • AEM department must provide status on last year's Professional and Student Advisory Board recommendations;
  • AEM should strive to communicate new course offerings earlier in the year; " AEM should continue to strengthen industry relationships (alumni, recruiting, AEM branding, CSE, internships, etc.);
  • And overall, the board found the undergraduate and graduate programs acceptable and is pleased with the increase in new graduate students for Fall 2014.

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