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Fifteen AEM Students Receive Scholarships

Fifteen Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics (AEM) students were awarded various scholarships in order to provide financial support for students who demonstrate financial need and academic merit. Luci Baker, Ken States, and Ben Setterholm have received the Chester Gaskell Astronautical Engineering Scholarship; Caleb Carlson received the Richard & Shirley DeLeo Scholarship; Yunus Agamawi and Kate Schumitsch received Boeing Scholarships; Zach Fox received the Eric W. Harslem Scholarship for Aerospace Engineering; Kee Fong and Chris Gosch received the Robert H. & Marjorie F. Jewett Fund; Sarah Lunkenheimer and Henry McCabe received the John and Robert McCollom Memorial Scholarship; Ross McEwen and Even Voelker received the Louis R. and Dona S. Wagner Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics Scholarship; and Emily Timinski and Brady Wojt received the Richard G. Brasket AEM Scholarship.

Chester Gaskell received his Bachelors of Aeronautical Engineering in 1939. The scholarship was setup by his family members - his brother the late Rev. Charles Gaskell, his wife Mabel, and their daughter Judith. Richard DeLeo is one of the University's most distinguished alumni who received his Bachelor's and Master's degrees from the AEM department. He was a project scientist for the University's Rosemount Laboratories and a research engineer and vice president for aeronautical research at Rosemount Inc./Emerson Electric Co. Richard and his late wife, Shirley, established the scholarship to assist deserving undergraduate aerospace engineering students. The Boeing Company contributes to the AEM department in various ways. Aside from scholarships, Boeing also provides guest lecturers and supports Senior Design projects. Boeing awards students who have scholastic merit and high potential, as well as an expressed interest in employment with the Boeing Company.

The Eric W. Harslem award is given to undergraduate students who have an outstanding academic record, reflecting commitment and attention to their studies. Eric Harslem graduated from the Institute of Technology in 1939 with a major in aerospace engineering. The late Robert Jewett received his Bachelor's degree in Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics in 1931, and went on to have a distinguished career in the aerospace division of the Boeing Company. He and his wife Marjorie established the fund in 1999 to provide support to the AEM department. Twin brothers John and Robert McCollom graduated with aeronautical engineering degrees from the University of Minnesota in 1942, and both received ROTC commissions in the U.S. Army Air Corps and served in World War II. In 1945, they were involved in a tragic plane crash that killed Robert and left John stranded in the jungles of New Guinea for a month until his rescue. Throughout the remainder of his life, John served as a dedicated member of the U.S. Air Force and was vice president of special projects at Piper Aircrafts. Following John's death in 2001, his wife Betty honored the twins' legacies by establishing a scholarship for promising BAEM undergraduate students. Louis Wagner received his AEM degree Cum Laude in 1949, and Dona Wagner graduated from the College of Education and Human Development (CEHD) in 1963 as a returning adult student. Louis went on to a long career with Honeywell while Dona became a secondary English teacher in Robbinsdale. Dona established the fund to honor Louis' memory and to support AEM undergraduate students. Finally, Richard G. Brasket graduated with a degree in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Minnesota in 1957. He established this scholarship in recognition of the excellent education he received and to help talented Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics students complete their degrees.

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