Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering
Seminars and Events
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Current Semester Seminar Series

University of Minnesota - Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics

Fridays 2:30 - 3:30; 209 Akerman Hall, unless otherwise noted

Date AEM Seminar

AEM Seminar: 3D Printing Functional Materials and Devices by Michael McAlpine, Benjamin Mayhugh Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering, UMN at 2:30 PM


AEM Seminar: Impact response of granular materials: From the orgin of the universe to catastrohic asteroid strikes by Xiang Cheng, Assistant Professor, Chemical Engineering, UMN at 2:30 PM


AEM Seminar: How to assemble a river that spans a continent: the unusual history of the Mississippi by Andy Wickert, Assistant Professor, Department of Earth Sciences, UMN at 2:30 PM


AEM Seminar: On the Impact of a Deep-Water Plunging Breaker on a Wall with Finite Vertical Extent by James Duncan, Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Maryland at 2:30 PM


Special Seminar: Magnetic Field Sensors Based on Magnetoelectric Effects by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Eckhard Quandt, Chair of Inorganic Functional Materials Institute for Materials Science Faculty of Engineering Christian-Albrechts-Universitaet zu Kiel at 1:25 PM

Location: B-75 Amundson Hall


AEM Seminar: Dislocation Dynamics Across Scales by Wei Cai, Associate Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Stanford University at 2:30 PM


AEM Seminar: Bridging spatial and temporal scales in molecular dynamics by Michael Ortiz, Professor, Aeronautics and Mechanical Engineering, California Institue of Technology at 2:30 PM


AEM Seminar: Resonant mode control in compressible boundary layers over complex wall impedance by Carlo Scalo, Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Purdue University at 2:30 PM


Special Seminar: Geometric Mechanics and Nonlinear Dynamics in Robotic Locomotion by Dr. Scott Kelly, Associate Professor, University of North Carolina at 2:30 PM

Location: 3-180 Keller Hall


AEM Seminar: Hybrid Molecular Beam Epitaxy for Highly Stoichiometric Complex Oxide Thin Films and Heterostructures by Bharat Jalan, Assistant Professor, Chemical Engineering, UMN at 2:30 PM


No Seminar: Spring Break


Special Seminar: Sampled Data Control and Security in Cyber-Physical Systems by Dr. Petros Voulgaris, Professor, University of Illinois at 2:30 PM

Location: 3-180 Keller Hall


AEM Seminar: Pumping by oscillating plate arrays: viscous to inertial transitions in mayfly nymphs by Ken Kiger, Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Maryland at 2:30 PM


Special Seminar: Feedback or Feedforward? How Do Humans Learn to Control Aerospace Systems? by Dr. Jesse Hoagg, Associate Professor, University of Kentucky at 2:30 PM

Location: 3-180 Keller Hall


AEM Seminar: Calibration & Rectification in Astrodynamics Problems by Andrew Sinclair, Senior Aerospace Engineer, AFRL at 2:30 PM


Special Seminar: Robust Input-Output Stability: Illustrative Examples and Theoretical Extensions by Ryan Caverly, Graduate Student, Research Assistant, University of Michigan at 2:30 PM

Location: 3-180 Keller Hall


Special Seminar: Resilient Autonomy via Formal Methods by Dr. Derya Aksaray, Postdoctoral Associate, Massachusetts Institution of Technology at 2:30 PM

Location: 3-180 Keller Hall


No Seminar: WPE


AEM Seminar: Systems analysis of wall turbulence: Characterizing natural and synthetic self-sustaining processes by Beverley McKeon, Professor, Caltech at 2:30 PM


AEM Seminar: Falling clouds of particles by Elisabeth Guazzelli, Aix Marseille University, CNRS at 2:30 PM


AEM Seminar: Understanding Multiphase Flows for Predictive Modeling and Control by Shankar Subramaniam, Professor, Mechanical Engineering, Iowa State at 2:30 PM


AEM Seminar: by Roberto Furfaro at 2:30 PM

Disability accommodations provided upon request.
Contact AEM Department: (612) 625-8000