Gregory J. Rodin



            G. J. Rodin is Professor of Aerospace Engineering and Engineering Mechanics at The University of Texas at Austin, where he has been teaching since 1986.  He earned his Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1986.  He is also a member of the Institute for Computational and Engineering Sciences, Texas Materials Institute, and Institute for Theoretical Chemistry.  He was awarded Research Initiation Grant by the National Science Foundation in 1987, ALCOA Foundation Awards in 1991 and 1993, and was chosen as a Temple Foundation Fellow in 1995. He held visiting scientist positions at Ecole Polytechnique (France) and The University of Liverpool (UK).

            Prof. Rodin's primary research interests are in micromechanical computational modeling of heterogeneous materials and fracture. He is also interested in various aspects of applied mathematics, fluid mechanics, and computer science. He has published papers in the leading journals in numerical methods, solid mechanics, fluid mechanics, materials science, and arctic engineering. He has delivered more than one hundred invited talks worldwide.