University of Minnesota
Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics
Fall 2000 Seminar Series


Fridays 2:30 - 3:30 pm -- Room 209 Akerman Hall

September 15

Title: Inverse cascade in film flows
Professor Igor Kliakhandler
Department of Engineering Sciences & Applied Mathematics, Northwestern University

September 22

Title: Turbulence at very high Reynolds numbers
Professor Alexander Smits
Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Princeton University

September 29

Title: High Performance Maneuvering for Uninhabited Combat Air Vehicles
Prof. John Hauser
Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering, Colorado University

October 6

Title: Twist, kinks, and drag: whirling elastica
Prof. Tom Powers
Division of Engineering, Brown University

October 13

Title: Viscous Heating and the Stability of Newtonian and Non-Newtonian Taylor-Couette Flow
Professor Susan Muller
Dept. of Chemical Engineering University of California/Berkeley

October 20

Title: Continuum Models of Granular Flow
Prof. Michael Shearer
Department of Mathematics, North Carolina State University

October 27

Title: Size effects in plasticity: theory versus experiment
Prof. Norman A. Fleck
Engineering Department, Cambridge University

November 3

Title: Mechanics, mixing, and patterns in the ocean surface layer
Prof. Sidney Leibovich
Sibley School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Cornell University

November 10

Title: On the Relationship Between the Wall Pressure and the Velocity Field in a Turbulent Boundary Layer
Prof. Candace Wark
Mechanical, Materials and Aerospace Engineering Department, Illinois Institute of Technology

November 17

Title: Crack growth predictions based on cohesive zone models
Prof. Viggo Tvergaard
Dept. of Solid Mechanics, Technical University of Denmark

November 24

Thanksgiving Holiday - No Seminar

December 1

Title: Turbulence: The last problem of classical physics; new approach and perspectives
Dr. G.I. Barenblatt
Department of Mathematics, University of California - Berkeley

December 8

Title: The Dynamics of Ostwald Ripening in Elastically Stressed Solids
Prof. Peter Voorhees
Materials Science and Engineering, Northwestern University

Disability accommodations provided upon request.
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