University of Minnesota
Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics
Winter 1998 Seminar Series

Effectively Using and Managing Sensor Information in Tracking Applications

Professor Lucy Pao

Electrical and Computer Engineering Department

University of Colorado at Boulder


In many applications, such as air traffic control, tactical defense, and manufacturing systems, multiple sensors are used to track objects and assess the environment. Multiple sensors provide large amounts of data with which to detect, track, and identify targets of interest. Using different types of sensors to obtain information allows the strengths of one sensor type to compensate for the weaknesses of another and further provides redundance, therefore increasing system robustness.

In this talk, we will outline several multisensor fusion algorithms for tracking applications that combine measurements from multiple sensors in a consistent manner. We will also describe recent results investigating different methods of processing sensor information and overview some of the advantages and disadvantages of centralized versus distributed processing architectures. Finally, we will discuss the need for methods to manage sensor information in multisensor systems so that computational demands on the tracking system are minimized while maintaining a desired performance level.

Friday, January 9, 1998
209 Akerman Hall
2:30-3:30 p.m.

Refreshments served after the seminar in 227 Akerman Hall.
Disability accomodations provided upon request.
Contact Audrey Stark-Evers, Senior Secretary, 625-8000.