University of Minnesota
Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics
Fall 1997 Seminar Series

Mission Performance, Guidance, and Control of High-speed Atmospheric Flight Vehicles

Professor David K. Schmidt
Flight Dynamics and Control Laboratory
University of Maryland at College Park


As the title implies, the seminar will touch on a variety of topics of recent interest. The class of vehicle to be considered includes both supersonic transport aircraft as well as airbreathing launch vehicles. The common theme will be the dynamic subsystem interactions exhibited by these vehicles, and the implications of these interactions vis-à-vis vehicular guidance and control. The interacts to be specifically considered will be termed aeropropulsive/servoelastic (APSE), involving the elastic-airframe, propulsion system, and feedback control systems. The mission performance of airbreathing launch vehicles will be reviewed via a classical energy-state analysis, and a relatively simple energy-guidance law suggested that draws from both energy-state and QFT concepts. The feedback system architecture includes an integrated inner-loop control law that regulates engine performance, stabilizes the airframe, and delivers active aeroelastic mode control.

Friday, October 24, 1997
209 Akerman Hall
2:30-3:30 p.m.

Refreshments served after the seminar in 227 Akerman Hall.
Disability accomodations provided upon request.
Contact Audrey Stark-Evers, Senior Secretary, 625-8000.