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  • Switchboard - the people and business directory
    The Switchboard Internet directory continues to gain momentum as one of the Web’s most attractive sites. Switchboard gives Internet users a single site for finding friends, family and colleagues nationwide on the Internet. Switchboard, which provides 106 million residential listings and 11 million business listings, is the first on-line directory to help people rendezvous on the Internet while protecting their privacy.
  • eXcite Search
    Excite NetSearch is your way of searching the Internet. Whatever it is you're nterested in finding, as long as you know how to refer to it, this is the place to get it. excite's NetSearch contains lots of information for you to search over -- at present, 11.5 million Web pages and two weeks of Usenet news articles and classified ads. That's a lot of info -- which is exactly why we need searching to deal with it -- but what is it all? These different sources of information have very different styles and content. Having a sense for what each is like can help you to choose which source to search over.
  • InfoSeek Guide
    Infoseek's free Internet search services, Net Search and Guide are the most popular ones on the Net today, receiving over 5 million information requests per day from over 1 million unique Internet users worldwide. Infoseek is regarded as the most effective online media buy today.
  • Lycos - The Catalog of the Internet
    Lycos is a research program in providing information retrieval and discovery in the WWW, using a finite memory model of the web to guide intelligent, directed searches for specific information needs. Lycos currently implements basic information retrieval on rich abstracts of Web documents.
  • The WebCrawler
    The WebCrawler is a tool for searching the Web. It operates by traversing the Web and either building an index for later use, or by searching in real-time for a query. The index built by the WebCrawler is available for searching via the WebCrawler Search Page.
  • Yahoo Net Search
    Yahoo! is a hierarchical subject-oriented guide for the World Wide Web and Internet. Yahoo! lists sites and categorizes them into appropriate subject categories. Yahoo also offers a search feature. If you know exactly what you're looking for, try using Yahoo! search. Specify a keyword or set of keywords, and Yahoo! will search its entire database to find listings that match the keys you provide.

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