Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering
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Helper Applications

This page holds several links to help your browser view the various movies, documents and plug-ins that our site makes use of.

Acrobat (Adobe, free)

The top-level web address for any Adobe products,

Windows Media Player

PowerPoint (Microsoft, free)

The top-level web address for any Microsoft products,

QuickTime (Apple Computer, free)

This player for Windows or Macintosh plays movie formats (extension .MOV). Apple Computer's QuickTime is available from

WinZip (WinZip Computing, Inc. , free evaluation, $30)

  • A very common utility that keeps files from 'falling apart' or transfering too large. See

Web browsers

Notice there are sometimes very specific instructions for using these veiwers, depending on which web browser you are using.

The goal for AEM's web pages is not to work exclusively with any one browser, but as many as possible. If you have any question or comment, please send a message to the webmaster using the link at the botom of each page. (Please mention which page you have a question about.)

DISCLAIMER: We are providing these links with the hope that visitors to our site will be able to enhance their experience with the potential technologies of this software. The U of M and department of AEM does not endorse any company on this list, nor do we provide technical support for, nor make any promise that any software will do its intended purpose.

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