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February 2008

Yohannes Ketema received the 2007 IT Student Board Best Instructor Award in Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics.

Professor Daniel Joseph received the Sir James Lighthill Distinguished Lectureship Award from
Florida State University. The Sir James Lighthill Distinguished Lectureship Award was established to honor leaders in mathematical sciences and to attract them to visit the Florida State University to give lectures, inspire students and interact with the faculty and students.

Ellen Longmire began serving a three year term as Associate Editor for the journal Physics of Fluids in January 2008.

December 2007

Richard James gave the first Southern California Mechanics Tour on December 3-7. Modeled after the long running Midwest Mechanics Tour and organized by Professor Sia Nemat-Nasser at UCSD, the Southern California Tour includes stops at UCSD, UCLA, Caltech and USC. James spoke on "Lessons on Structure from the Structure of Viruses" and "A relation between compatibility and hysteresis and its role in the search for new smart materials".

Cambridge Press published Professor Daniel Joseph book, Potential Flows of Viscous and Viscoelastic Fluids, with co-authors Toshio Funada and Jing Wang.

Ellen Longmire has been invited by the J.M. Burgers Centrum to give lectures at the Technical University of Delft, the University of Twente, and the Annual Meeting of the Foundation for Fundamental Research of Matter (FOM) in the Netherlands in January 2008. She gave an invited lecture at University of Maryland in December 2007.

Thomas Schwartzentruber joined the AEM Fluid Mechanics faculty. He received the AIAA Orville and Wilbur Wright Graduate Award.

Ryan S. Elliott received a NSF CAREER grant.

Kaushik Dayal, a postdoctoral associate supervised by Ryan Elliott and Professor James, left to start as an Assistant Professor in the Civil and Environmental Engineering department at Carnegie Mellon University

November 2007

AEM Professor Richard James recently delivered the Penrose Lecture at the McNamara Alumni Center. James is a Russell J. Penrose Professor, a chair in AEM endowed by Russell Penrose. (Flash required, broadband recommended). Read more...

June 2007

Professor Graham Candler was involved in the creation of the Mach 10-capable scramjet that recently launched . Read more...

March 2007

Professor Ellen Longmire was awarded the 2007 Distinguished Women Scholars Award, which is issued jointly by the University of Minnesota Graduate School and the Office for University Women. The program was established in 2001 to acknowledge and honor the accomplishments of distinguished women scholars at the University; it is issued to two individuals each year. Read more...

Department Head Gary Balas was honored with a Distinguished McKnight Professorship, the highest award the University can bestow on mid-career faculty. Professor Balas is among six recipients from departments across the University. Read more..

February 2007

Professor Candler is the recipient of the AIAA's 2007 Thermophysics award. This award recognizes the foremost leaders in the field of thermophysics – the study of thermodynamics, fluid mechanics and heat transfer. Candler’s work in thermophysics is used to understand the details of the flow field around spacecraft entering the atmosphere of a planet or traveling at high speed in earth’s atmosphere. Read more...

January 2007

Professor William Garrard received the J. Leland Atwood award at the 45th Aerospace Sciences Meeting and Exhibit in Reno, Nev. This award is jointly sponsored by the American Society for Engineering Education and the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics. Garrard was specifically honored for: "advancing the discipline of aerospace engineering through effective and creative research, consulting, and for distinguished leadership in the development of enhanced programs of instruction and research." Read more...

July 2006

The Solar Car Project (Borealis III)which is composed of students from across it moves to AEM Department in July. Prof. Jeff Hammer will be the team advisor. In addition, the solar car will be heading to Taiwan in September to participate in the World Solar Rally, September 15 through 21. Teams from Australia, Japan, Iran and Taiwan also are confirmed competitors. Twelve of the 35 team members will be going to Taiwan. Read more..

Prof. Gary Balas took over as the new head for the Department of Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics on July 1st. Read more .


August 2006

Prof. Ellad Tadmor joins the faculty as a full professor this fall semester. He is internationally known for his quasicontinuum method in solid mechanics. He has strong research connections with faculty members in our Department, Mathematics, the Institute for Mathematics and its Applications, Chemical Engineering and Materials Science and also some faculty members in Civil Engineering.


October 2006

Prof. William Garrard was selected as the 2006 recipient of the J. Leland Atwood award. The award is jointly sponsored by ASEE and AIAA and is presented to recognize a recent outstanding educational achievement and to encourage innovative improvements in aerospace education. He will be presented with the award at the AIAA Aerospace Sciences in January 2007.


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