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Welcome to the web site of the Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics Department. We offer undergraduate and graduate degrees in Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics. Please use the links at the left to find out more about our programs and Department.

AEM PhD program placed fourth in nation

The Department of Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics’ aerospace engineering doctoral program has been placed fourth in the nation overall in the 2010 National Research Council (NRC) Assessment of Doctoral Research Programs. The program was second in the specific categories of Research Activity and Student Support. Read more.

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Faculty Position: Assistant Professor Aerospace Systems

AEM News

AIAA Puts Spotlight on Minnesota and Kristen Gerzina

AIAA's Spotlight for January 2016 is pointed to the state of Minnesota, falling on Kristen Gerzina, an aeroballistician at Orbital ATK, and the chair of the AIAA Twin Cities Section. See more info.

AEM Department Mourns the Passing of Faculty Emeritus William H. Warner

Professor Emeritus William H. Warner passed away on December 27, 2015 after a brief illness. Dr. Warner came to the University of Minnesota as an assistant professor in 1955 in the Department of Mechanics and Materials, which a few years later merged with Aeronautical Engineering. He served as a professor in the Department of Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics from 1968 to 1995. See more info.

UAV flight system, used at NASA, getting major upgrade

The Uninhabited Aerial Vehicle Laboratory is continuing development on its Goldy system, which serves as the brain of professional-grade UAVs (or drones) used for scientific research and allows researchers to pilot the aircraft from the ground, collect data as it flies and process that data into useful information. NASA is using the Goldy flight control system in the third version of Prandtl-D, a V-shaped glider designed to imitate how a bird files. See more info.

AEM 1905 Freshman Seminar, High-Power Rocket Exhibit

Students from AEM 1905, Professor Flaten's Freshman Seminar on High-Power Rocketry, will exhibit their rockets in the Balas Atrium on Tuesday, December 15, 2015, from 4:15 - 5:00 p.m. Everyone is welcome to stop by to see the exhibit, talk to the student, and share a cup of hot cocoa. See more info

Aerospace News
Date Item
2016-2-12 Gravitational waves: breakthrough discovery after two centuries of expectation and Gravitational Waves Exist: The Inside Story of How Scientists Finally Found Them
2016-2-10 Watch this spacetime: gravitational wave discovery expected
2016-2-3 Fun with a new data set: Chang'e 3 lander and Yutu rover camera data
2016-2-1 Why investors are following Musk, Bezos in betting on the stars
2016-2-1 Satellite failure caused global GPS timing anomaly
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