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Reservations for the Gary J. Balas Hangar Atrium Space, Akerman Hall

The Gary J. Balas Hangar Atrium space is typically an AEM student study space and priority is given to this first, especially during the academic year. It can also occassionally be used for group meetings, poster sessions, receptions, etc. It is available to rent to other CSE departments for short term periods, preferably late afternoon, for a space rental fee (see Space Rental User Agreement below). Priority for reservations is given to units within Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics (AEM). Please note, on rare occasions AEM Administration may exercise bumping rights at any time due to AEM events or emergency things. This rarely happens, but please also have a backup plan for your events just in case the Atrium is needed.

This space is not set up to be used for conferences or luncheons or all day events. Suggestions for conferences can be found at: -Planning-and-Facilities/.

The maximum seating capacity is 56 (14 tables with 4 seats each) or 120 to 150 for a reception.

Hangar Atrium Space Rental User Agreement and Rules for Use With AEM Space Rental Agreement

Please check the calendar before submitting your reservation request. Then send an email to request a reservation to: The email should include:
  • 1) Date of Event
  • 2) Start and end time of event
  • 3) Setup and Clean-up Time Needed
  • 4) Name and purpose of event
  • 5) Size of the group.

Once the email is submitted, the AEM Administration will review the request and inform the requestor if it was approved. This process may take up to a week. ROOM REQUESTS ARE NOT APPROVED UNTIL AN EMAIL CONFIRMATION OF THE RESERVATION IS SENT.

Please make sure you read thoroughly the User Agreement and Rules for Use documents above. You will need to submit the User Agreement Form AFTER the reservation is approved.

AEM does not provide any support services for events. Depending on the nature of your event, you may want to consider other campus venues that offer support services. These include the Campus Club, Continuing Education and Conference Center, the Twin Cities Student Unions, Weisman Art Museum, Ted MannConcert Hall, or Northrop Memorial Auditorium. Events will not be scheduled on official University holidays.

A reservation does not provide event support services such room setup, cleanup, A/V equipment, catering, extra custodial support or security. The Hangar space is provided as is. Regular custodial servicing occurs on an intermittent schedule after hours typically. For events, the hangar may need to be straightened and tidied prior to the event start. The sponsoring organization or department is responsible for all these arrangements. If the event is on a weekend, the user will needed to make arrangements and cover the fees for opening up and closing the building through Facilities Management. When making a reservation, you will be required to designate a contact person who is responsible for the proper conduct of the event and for returning the Hangar Atrium to its original configuration.

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