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Project Overview

A $2.5 M renovation of the Akerman Hall Hangar is planned as part of a $5.3 M project to upgrade the fire/life/safety systems in Akerman Hall and the old Mechanical Engineering buildings. The project is scheduled to begin Spring 2010 and will be completed in September 2010. A tall dramati centry vesti bule and new pedestrian plaza will create a grand east entrance to Akerman Hall off of Scholars Walk. The original 16- foot steel hangar doors will be replaced with a striking, glazed curtain wall entry.

Renovation of the hangar area has been the top departmental priority for the past three years. The renovation will return the hangar to its original layout by removing the temporary laboratories, added in 1985, and hallway from the driveway to Akerman Hall. The first and mezzanine (second) floors for the hangar will be completely replanned and repurposed to provide fl exible light industrial research labs, office and collaborative space for undergraduate, graduate and postdoctoral students.






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