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New Student Wind Tunnel

In August 1994 the AEM Department received its new wind tunnel for student use. This open-return subsonic wind tunnel was supported in part by funds from the Class of '43 and is a major improvement to undergraduate teaching in the AEM Department. This tunnel is installed next to the Department's large closed-return tunnel on the third floor of the "Hanger." It replaces the Department's old Honeywell tunnel that was 1950's vintage. The Honeywell tunnel was donated to Apple Valley High School to continue its long teaching career. The pictures below show the interesting process of getting the rather large pieces of the new tunnel into the third floor of the Hanger.

Here is the new tunnel as it arrived on the truck.

unloading the package

The next picture shows Steve Nunnally (extreme left) from our shop watching the blower assembly being hoisted by the crane.

blower assembly

The crane operator did a nice job of positioning the blower assembly in the opening of the window that had to be removed to provide access to the third floor of the Hanger. Access to the third floor of the Hanger is normally only possible via a narrow set of stairs.

entering 3 floor window

The hard work was on the inside, pulling the blower assembly into the Hanger through the window.

pulling it through the window

Here is the newly installed wind tunnel with all its pieces connected. The blower assembly is at the far end by the window, the test section is the part covered with paper in the foreground after the large diffuser (for smoothing out the airflow and reducing the turbulence levels) section. The test section is actually made of plexiglass to allow flow visualization (observing the airflow using smoke, etc.) to be performed, however the protective paper covering on the plexiglass has not yet been removed. The square opening is the discharge end of the tunnel.

New wind tunnel

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