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5m long working section
View of wind tunnel fan
Boundary layer wind tunnel
Curved working section

Turbulent Shear Flow Laboratory

Directors: E. Longmire

Location: 30 Akerman Hall

The Turbulent Shear Flow Laboratory is an experimental fluid mechanics laboratory specializing in the study of turbulent shear flows. The laboratory has two large wind tunnels and one small portable wind tunnel. The large tunnels are designed for a series of experiments in turbulent boundary layers and are fully instrumented for automated measurements.

Instrumentation includes 32 channels of simultaneous data acquistion with signal conditioning, 16 channels of hot-wire anemometery, novel skin friction measuring techniques, and capability for dual-plane stereoscopic PIV (particle image velocimetry).

Hot-film and hot-wire arrays


Skin friction gage

Students taking field measurements on Utah salt flats

SLTEST site being set up

Members of the lab make field measurements on the Utah salt-flats at the SLTEST facility.

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