Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering
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Single Crystal Growth Facility

Directors: T. W. Shield and R. D. James

Location: 20 Akerman Hall

This facility is used to grow large single crystals by the Bridgman method of materials with melting point to 1600 C. Bridgman crystal grower. The crystal grower features computer control of temperature profile and translation rate and growth in an inert atmosphere or under vacuum. A cold crucible attachment permits melting of levitated materials without a crucible for contamination-free preparation of alloys. A separate arc melting machine is used to prepare specimens of conducting materials of arbitrary composition under an inert atmosphere. The laboratory is used to prepare buttons of metal alloys of essentially arbitrary composition and to grow single crystals of shape memory, ferromagnetic shape-memory and other alloys. A current major research focus for this lab is the discovery and development of low hysteresis alloys and applications of these alloys in energy conversion devices.

Needles of martensite in a two-variant microstructure Bridgman crystal grower CuAlNi Crystal Boule
needle structure in Cu-Al-Ni Crystal grower Crystal Boule


Arc furnace Cold crucible
arc furnace cold crucible


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