Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering
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Freshman Seminar Course Project Room

Instructors: James Flaten and Brian Taylor

Location: 394 Shepherd Labs

Freshman Seminar Project Room Freshman Seminar Room

The Freshman Seminar Course Student Project Room is used for the two AEM freshman seminars, “Yes, This is Rocket Science! High-Power Rocketry” and “Model Aircraft Design, Flight Test and Analysis.”

In “Yes, This is Rocket Science! High-Power Rocketry,” Course Instructor, James Flaten will take students beyond model rocketry and into the realm of high-power rocketry, building rockets with H-size or larger motors! A day-long launch with a local high-power rocketry club will be required for a weekend date. Seminar includes basic rocketry physics, using rocketry computer simulations, constructiong high-power rockets and flying them. Also included are lectures, discussions, and activities associated with past, present and future real-spaceflight rocketry for manned and unmanned missions into low-Earth-orbit and beyond.

In “Model Aircraft Design, Flight Test and Analysis,” students will explore the fundamentals of flight through the design, flight test and analysis of small, remote-control aircraft. Course Instructor, Brian Taylor will guide them through the history and fundamentals of flight through lectures and discussion on questions such as, "How do aircraft fly?" and "Why do aircraft look so similar?" Students will work in small teams to design, build and flight-test an electric remote-control aircraft, analyzing the flight-tests to see if they went as expected. Reports on each flight-test will be written and presented.

See more info on the seminars here.

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