Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering
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ATK Aerospace Design Lab (UDL)

Aerospace Systems Faculty: W. Garrard, Y. Ketema, D. Gebre-Egziabher, B. Mettler, P. Seiler

Location: 130B Akerman Hall

ATK Design Lab

Undergraduate ATK Aerospace Design Lab (UDL) is a space for undergraduate student design teams to gather in a classroom flexible enough to accommodate the needs of a group of design teams. The design lab gives undergraduate students an opportunity to get their hands dirty and construct prototypes and proof-of-concept models. It is equipped with a selection of manual and power tools, but more importantly students have access to safe tool-use training and supervised work times. The goal is to provide a surrounding where students can get comfortable with tool use, gain valuable hands-on experience building prototypes and models, and learn safe practices in an industrial environment. The primary materials worked on in the UDL are wood, plastic and foam.

The Lab also houses an ATC 710M Single Engine FAA Level 3 Flight Training Device from ATC Flight Simulator Co. ( This flight simulator has four flat panel displays, three for front and side out of cockpit views and one for the instrument display. This simulator has been used in AEM 4333 - Aerospace Vehicle Design Build and AEM 4303 - Flight Dynamics and Control.

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