Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering
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2017-2018 Senior Capstone Design Class

Summaries of the 2017-2018 Design Projects can be seen below.

Asteroid Deflection

Sponsor: Yohannes Ketema
Design goals:

  • Design a gravity tractor space mission to protect Earth from asteroids
  • Divert near-Earth asteroid 99942 Apophis
    • 370 m across
    • Orbital period of 323.3 days
    • Projected to miss Earth by 29,470km in 2029
  • Use STK to design Earth to Asteroid Transfer for gravity tractor vehicle
  • Increase miss distance of asteroid from Earth by 3000 km for the 2029 encounter


Asteroid t2


Boeing Family of Regional Jets

Sponsor: Boeing Company-Adam Thoreen
Design goals:

  • One plane to transport 40 and the other 80 passengers and their luggage
  • Allow for routes between any two cities in the US or Europe
  • Adhere to CFR parts 25 and 121
  • Allow pilots to transition to other Boeing aircraft with minimal training
  • Greater than 50% part commonality between the two aircraft
  • Use certified production engines
  • Take-off field length  and landing field length of 3500ft at standard conditions
    plane 1

plane 2


Honeywell Low Cost Multi-Sensor Navigation

Sponsors: Honeywell- Chuck Bye and Richard Russell
Design goals:

  • Develop navigation system that costs less than $1000
  • Be able to determine position, velocity, attitude, and heading with GPS or without GPS for at least 5 minutes
  • Operate for one hour during a given mission
  • Output the navigation data at a rate of 100Hz
  • Weigh less than 1000g
  • Use electrical power of 5±0.2 volts and draw 2 watts or less of power

Orbital ATK Sensor Drone

Sponsors: Orbital ATK- Shelly Uzpen, Joel Feigum, and Christopher Gosch
Design goals:

  • Capable of vertical take off
  • Be able to collect data as sensor rapidly approaches the ground (50 fps)
  • Ability to carry a 10-15lb payload
  • Reach an altitude of 400ft above ground repeatedly 
  • Maintain its position for 10 minutes
  •  Fit in a 4x4x3 case with or without props
  • Have the ability to descend at various angles relative to vertical
  • Have an easily replaceable battery
  • Must not have exposed rotor blades

OA drone

RASC-AL Propellant Resupply Capability

Sponsor: NASA and the National Institute of Aerospace Competition, Aster Labs- Suneel Sheikh
Design goals:

  • Supply the Deep Space Transport (DST) with propellant
  • Determine the required launch cadence
  • Technology available and operational by 2029
  • Resupply beginning in 2033
  • Mars surface mission of cargo delivery beginning in 2037
  • Processing, loading, and maintaining propellants for launch



Unsteady Aerodynamics Study Apparatus

Sponsor: Maziar Hemati
Design goals:

  • Operate in AEM’s Closed-Return Wind Tunnel
  • Produce unsteady motion
  • Provide a test platform for the UltraStick Mini (USM) aircraft
  • Capable of arbitrary trajectories in pitch and plunge with a reduced frequency
  • Measure forces and moment in 6 degrees-of-freedom along body axes with accuracy of ±0.5%.
  • Determine orientation and position of test body
  • Record measurements using existing wind tunnel data acquisition system


Sentera Hybrid VTOL / Plane

Sponsor: Sentra- Todd Colten
Design goals:

  • Combine vertical takeoff and landing with high-speed longitudinal flight
  • 15 minute max assembly time
  • Manual operation via controller
  • Autonomous operation via data link
  • L/D must be > 10 at cruise
  • Operate in 11.1 m/s winds
  • 1 hour flight endurance
  • Fit in a normal sized car
  • GPS tracking
  • Accommodate camera payload


Team 1

vtol t2

Team 2

Xcel Multirotor for Indoor and Outdoor Inspection

Sponsor: Xcel Energy- Thomas Stegge
Design goals:

  • Flight time of >20 minutes
  • Battery, ESC’s and power distribution same for indoor and outdoor flight
  • Prior to flight can fit through a 24”x24” area indoors
  • Accommodate a camera mounted on a gimbal
  • Operate in wind conditions <10mph
  • Send live video to the controller
  • Have compass and GPS capabilities for outdoor flight
  • Proper lighting provided for inspetion inside dark spaces



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