Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering
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2015-2016 Senior Capstone Design Class

Summaries of the 2015-2016 Design Projects can be seen below.

AIAA Design, Build, Fly

Sponsored by Bill Garrard and John Weyrauch - UMN

Design goals:
  • Design, fabricate, and demonstrate the flight capabilities of 2 unmanned radio controlled aircraft: a production aircraft and a manufacturing aircraft
  • Production aircraft must make 3 laps around the course with payload within 5 minutes
  • Manufacturing aircraft must carry all sets of sub-assemblies and fly all of them around the course within 10 minutes

Unmanned Aircraft

High Efficiency Hand Launched UAV

Sponsored by Todd Colten - Sentera

Design goals:
  • Carry Sentera Double imaging payload with PixHawk Integration module
  • Cruise speed of 25 mph
  • Stable deep stall recovery landing
  • Entire system fits in a gun case
  • Able to cover a full field in one flight

Hand Launched UAV

Subsonic/Supersonic Business Jet Design

Sponsored by Evan Voelker - Boeing

Design goals:
  • Design 2 airplanes and downselect based on performance
    • Airplane 1 is a sub-sonic business jet, carrying 13 people with U.S. Midwest to East Asia range
    • Airplane 2 completes the same mission at a supersonic cruise mach of 1.5 – 2.0

Subsonic Business Jet


Supersonic Business Jet


Low Cost GPS Denied Guidance for Munitions

Sponsored by Shelly Uzpen and Joel Feigum - ATK

Design goals:
  • Provide a reliable, low-cost navigation solution for field artillery in any GPS-denied environment
  • Key performance requirements:
    • Find/send “up”
    • Provide accurate timing solution
    • Determine spin rate
    • Determine position
    • Determine velocity
    • Reliability > 95%

Low-cost Navigation Solution

Design of a Low-Speed Wind Tunnel

Sponsored by Scott Cocchairella - UTA

Design goals:
  • Tunnel will be used mainly for testing and calibration of angle of attack (AOA) vanes
  • Top level requirements:
    • 250 knots through test section
    • Integrate vane deflection device
    • <41’ length
    • 12”x12” test section
    • Redesign mounting fixture

Low-Speed Wind Tunnel

Design of UAV with one control surface

Sponsored by Peter Seiler - UMN

Design goals:
  • Design an aircraft that is capable of flying with only one active control surface
  • Customer requirements:
    • Flight time – 20 minutes
    • Payload – 2 lbs
    • Speed – 40 mph
    • Turn radius 440 ft
    • Glide slope/descent rate – safe landing

UAV with One Control

CubeSat Design

Sponsored by Suneel Sheikh - Asterlabs

Design goals:
  • Complete a small sattelite design: will observe gamma-ray bursts and record the GPS time when ray was received
    • Using the time difference of arrival between cubsat and obervatory on Earth, position and timing offsets are estimated

CubeSat Device

View 1

CubeSat Device

View 2

NASA Rascal

Sponsored by Bill Gerrard and John Weyrauch - UMN

Design goals:
  • Design a plant that:
    • Is capable of producing a minimum 100 t of oxygen/hydrogen propellant annually, and is scalable to significantly larger levels of production
    • Has a power source capable of operating the resource collection, processing, product storage and other required systems
    • Must be autonomous
    • Is fully operational in 2035

NASA Rascal Plant

Formula SAE Auto Racing

Sponsored by Colin Towne - UTAS

Design goals:
  • Design rearwing and attachment mechanism to significiantly improve the lap times of the U of M SAE race car
  • Must withstand 2 g sustained load
  • Must withstand 3 g bump
  • Must weigh less than 10 lbs

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