Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering
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2012-2013 Senior Capstone Design Class

Summaries of the 2012-2013 Design Projects can be seen below.

SAE Aero Design East Competition

Design goals:
  • Design an electric powered aircraft with highest payload fraction and lowest empty weight
  • Assemble from a case in 3 minutes by two people
  • Fit inside case of 24x18x8 inches
  • Win SAE Aero Design East Competition

Icing Wind Tunnel

Wind Tunnel Sting Design

Design goals:
  • Sting can roll freely, measure roll motion, reach an angle of attack up to 45°, hold airfoil up to speed, and break rotation when testing is complete
  • Airfoil is cheap and quick production, has an aspect ratio of at least 9, and has a proper weight distribution for moment of inertia


Diesel Hybrid Electric Aircraft

Design goals:
  • Design a diesel hybrid electric aircraft with the following characteristics
    • Range of 800 miles
    • Fuel capacity of 70 gallons
    • Fuel efficiency of 10 gallons/hour

  SAE plane

Firefighting Aircraft

Design goals:
  • System capable of delivering >42000 gallons/hour
  • Costs less than $100 million
  • Single source shall locate and direct crews to fires
  • Single source shall have all-weather capability
  • System capable of 1 minute following distance during scooping

Sub-orbital payload

SAE Aero Design West Competition – Advanced Class

Design goals:
  • Design an aircraft weighing less than 8 lbs with the following characteristics:
    • Can carry 15 lbs static payload
    • Can carry 3 lbs expellable payload
    • Can drop expellable payload on target
    • Can report accurate telemetry data

Tilt rotor UAV

High-power Rocketry

Design goals:
  • Design a one-stage, high-powered rocket that will achieve an apogee of 3000 ft
  • Compete in the Wisconsin Space Grant Consortium (WSGC) Regional Rocket Design Competition

Lunar lander

Asteroid Mining

Design goals:
  • Design an asteroid mining mission that:
    • Shall retrieve a sample of asteroid 433 Eros that is >10 grams and representative of material composition
    • Shall maintain sample isolation
    • Shall minimize cost
    • Shall not create space debris


Multi-rotor UAV

Design goals:
  • Design a small multi-rotor UAV with the following characteristics
    • Shall carry payload & fly effectively
    • Weight shall be under 2 kg (4.4 lbs)
    • Flight time shall be greater than 10 minutes
    • Shall be based off Ardupilot Program

Canard Design

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