Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering
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2011-2012 Senior Capstone Design Class

Summaries of the 2011-2012 Design Projects can be seen below.

Icing Wind Tunnel

Design goals:
  • Develop a wind tunnel that replicates real-world icing conditions using solid ice particles
  • Determine and develop component parts:
    • Wind tunnel selection
    • Ice generation
    • Ice introduction
  • Integrate components into a cohesive product

Icing Wind Tunnel

C-130 Replacement

Design goals:
  • Design tactical military transport aircraft to replace aging C-130
  • Utilize newer technologies and maintain versatility
  • Design meets following objectives:
    • Cruise speed 10% faster
    • Helicopter refueling capability
    • Ability to take off in high altitude environment


SAE Heavy Lift Competition (2 Groups)

Design goals:
  • Design an electric powered aircraft with highest payload fraction and lowest empty weight
  • Assemble from a case in 3 minutes by two people
  • Fit inside case of 24x18x8 inches
  • Win SAE Heavy Lift Competition, held in Spring 2012

SAE plane   SAE plane

See photos of SAE plane building, testing, and competition.

Sub-Orbital Payload

Design goals:
  • Develop system that actively removes noise in test chamber during rocket launch
  • Evaluate operation and safety of entire payload
  • Structure must withstand launch forces and fit within a 9.3x9.5 inch cylinder
  • Prepare for launch at NASA Wallops Flight Facility in June

Sub-orbital payload

See photos of the Sub-Orbital Payload project and team

Small Portable Tilt Rotor UAV

Design goals:
  • Produce a detailed design for a vertical take-off Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) with the following requirements:
    • Portable
    • Lightweight (~9 kg)
    • Maximize time-of-flight and endurance
  • Evaluate design with performance analysis, risk management plan, mechanical design, and SolidWorks 3D render

Tilt rotor UAV

Lunar Lander (2 Groups)

Design goals:
  • Design mission to land a payload on the lunar surface with three parts:
    • Design of lunar transfer orbit from Earth
    • Design propulsion system for descent thruster
    • Design lunar lander
  • Develop simulations and integrate system parts into complete mission

Lunar lander   Lunar lander

High Powered Model Rocket Competition (2 Groups)

Design goals:
  • Design high powered model rockets, payloads, and recovery systems
  • Compete in NASA sponsored Undergraduate Student Launch Initiative in Spring 2012 with robotic payload deployed after landing
  • Compete in Midwest Space Grant Competition in Spring 2012 with feedback control of airbrakes for precise altitude control



See a team web site here.
See photos of the rocket teams.
See a video from the rocket launch.

General Aviation Aircraft with a Canard

Design goals:
  • Design a canard aircraft comparable to Cirrus SR22
  • Conduct in-depth analysis of 5 primary objectives:
    • Maximum takeoff weight (MTOW) ground roll takeoff distance: 1028 ft
    • MTOW climb gradient: 864 ft
    • MTOW ground roll landing distance: 1141 ft
    • >/=180 lb payload with full fuel
    • Similar loading flexibility

Canard Design

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