Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering
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Undergraduate Student Scholarships and Graduate Student Fellowships

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I am a junior in the department of Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics. The department has provided me with many great opportunities. I think what I benefit most from is being able to study in the Akerman Hanger, because help is always close by. Whether it's a friend sitting across the room, the TAs over in the study room, or the Professors with office hours right down the hall. My favorite memory from the department was building the gliders in Mechanics of Flight. I am truly grateful to be receiving the Chester Gaskell Aeronautical Engineering Scholarship. This scholarship will allow me to spend more time focused on my studies and extra-curricular activities, more specifically, the University of Minnesota Solar Vehicle Project. When I complete my bachelor's degree, I hope to find a career working in product design for an automotive or aerospace company.

James Tait, recipient of the Chester Gaskell Aeronautical Engineering Scholarship

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