Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering
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Undergraduate Student Scholarships and Graduate Student Fellowships

scholarship recipient

I'm Austin Langford, a senior in AEM. AEM has been a great benefit to me, allowing me to gain education and experience in an area that I'm passionate about, with plenty of unique opportunities to choose from. This scholarship will help me afford my education when I move on to work in the industry after graduation in May. A favorite memory of mine relating to AEM is when I had the opportunity to travel to Grand Island, Nebraska to live stream high altitude footage from weather balloons with the Minnesota Space Grant ballooning team during the total solar eclipse. Seeing the end result of our hard work, as well as the incredible total eclipse, will be one of my best memories forever.

Austin Langford, recipient of the Richard and Shirley DeLeo Scholarship & Engineering Fund

Scholarship/Fellowship recipients by year

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