Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering
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scholarship recipient

I'm in my junior year of study in AEM. In addition to my coursework, this department has given me the chance to get some hands-on engineering experience early in my undergraduate career through the high-altitude ballooning lab under Dr. James Flaten. Receiving this scholarship will help fund my continued study in aerospace engineering, and hopefully lead to my eventual career goal of helping to develop the next generation of spacecraft with NASA or one of the many startup companies getting into the spaceflight market. My favorite AEM-related memory would have to be travelling to Nebraska in August to view the total solar eclipse and attempt to record and stream live footage of it from a stratospheric balloon.

Ryan Bowers, recipient of the Robert H. & Marjorie F. Jewett Fund Scholarship

Senior design class


Two students

Two students

The Department of Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics maintains a strong relationship with our alumni, and continuously works to provide services and opportunities for alumni to stay in touch with the department and with each other.

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The AEM Department is fortunate to enjoy the support of many alumni and friends. Donations and gifts from alumni and friends allow the Department to support many valuable and important programs and ideas that otherwise might not have been

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The AEM Department alumni and friends are invited to become members of the AEM Alumni Network, to keep in touch and search for old classmates. Alumni may also join the College of Science and Engineering (CSE) Alumni Society and attend their events. In addition, join the University of Minnesota Alumni Association. More ways to stay connected with the department are listed below.

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