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Video Animations - 1992

These video clips are from two videos made in 1992. They have narration, and are segmented to facilitate downloading.

If you have a fast connection each full video is available from the 'Complete' link. QuickTime movie formats for the Macintosh player are available from the .MOV link.

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Flow Induced Anistrophy of Particles in Viscous Liquid

'FlowInduced1_w'  § AVI-8.6MB    § MOV-2.8MB    § Complete, MOV-18MB

Wake Interactions - Drafting, Kissing and Tumbling (Re = 8.5)

'FlowInduced2_w'   § AVI-4.8MB    § MOV-1.4MB

Nested Wake Structures (22 < Re < 43) ("Migrating birds in flight")

'FlowInduced3_w'  § AVI-8.5MB    § MOV-2.4MB

Three Sedimenting Spheres - Drafting, Kissing & Tumbling (Re = 75)

'FlowInduced4_w'   § AVI-2.6MB    § MOV-0.8MB

Kissing and tumbling lead to cross stream arrays; Line of particles moving

'FlowInduced5_w'   § AVI-3.4MB    § MOV-0.9MB

Stable line of particles shedding vortices

'FlowInduced6_w'   § AVI-3.7MB    § MOV-1.4MB

Arch of aluminum spheres (Re = 67.2)

'FlowInduced7_w'   § AVI-3.2MB    § MOV-0.8MB

Sedimenting sphere in a 4/1 channel (Re = 75)

'FlowInduced8_w'   § AVI-7.1MB    § MOV-1.9MB

Cross stream arrays of long cylinders Three cylinders in a 8/1 channel

'FlowInduced9_w'   § AVI-4.4MB    § MOV-1.3MB

Two cylinders in a 4/1 channel

'FlowInducedA_w'   § AVI-2.1MB    § MOV-0.6MB

Cross stream array of spheres in chaotic motion

'FlowInducedB_w'   § AVI-3.5MB    § MOV-2.5MB

Cross stream arrays in 3-dimensinoal bed with square cross section

'FlowInducedC_w'   § AVI-3.3MB    § MOV-1MB

Stable Wake Architecture by D.D. Joseph Lab

'StableWake_w'  Complete, § AVI-14.2MB  Complete, § MOV-6.6MB

Stable Doublets

Stable Triplets

Stable Quadruplets

'StableWake1_w'   § AVI-7.6MB    § MOV-2.3MB   

Formation of "T's"

Fluidized raft

'StableWake2_w'   § AVI-7.4MB    § MOV-4.8MB

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