Lift-off of a single particle in an Oldroyd-B fluid

Previously A note on the lift-off of a single particle in viscoelastic fluids

T. Ko, N. A. Patankar and D. D. Joseph

Department of Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics
and the Minnesota Supercomputer Institute,
University of Minnesota,
Minneapolis, MN 55455, USA


In this note we study the lift force on a circular particle near a wall in a plane Poiseuille flow of an Oldroyd-B fluid. Two-dimensional numerical simulations are performed.


Lift on a particle plays a central role in several applications e.g. in the oil industry we can consider the removal of drill cuttings in horizontal drill holes and sand transport in fractured reservoirs. A polymer solution is often used in these applications. Other problems include the cleaning of particles from surfaces, fines mobilization in porous media etc. The theory of lift for these particle applications is undernourished and in most simulators no lift forces are modeled. A force experienced by a particle moving through a fluid with circulation (or shearing motion for a viscous fluid) shall be referred to as the lift force in the present work.

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