A Lagrange Multiplier/Fictitious Domain Method for the Numerical Simulation of Incompressible Viscous Flow Around Moving Rigid Bodies (I): The Case Where the Rigid Body Motions are Known A Priori

R. Glowinski, T.-W. Pan, J. Periaux


In this note we describe a method for the numerical simulation of incompressible viscous flow around moving rigid bodies; we suppose the rigid body motions a priori known. The computational methodology takes advantage of a time discretization by operator splitting a la Marchuk-Yanenko and of a finite element space discretization on a fixed mesh to combine a Lagrange multiplier/fictitious domain treatment of the rigid body motions with a L2-projection technique to force the incompressibility condition. The results of numerical experiments concerning flow around moving disks at Reynolds number of the order of 100 are presented.

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Last updated October 16, 2000