Direct simulation of the motion of elliptic particles in Oldroyd-B fluids

P. Y. Huang, H. H. Hu & D. D. Joseph

January 1997

ABSTRACT: Cross stream migration and stable orientations of elliptic particles falling in an Oldroyd-B fluid in a channel are studied. We show that the normal component of the extra stress on a rigid body vanishes; lateral forces and torques are determined by the pressure. Inertia turns the longside of the ellipse across the stream and elasticity turns it along the stream; tilted off-center falling is unstable. There are two critical numbers; elasticity and Mach numbers. When the elasticity number is smaller than critical the fluid is essentially Newtonian with broadside-on falling at the centerline of the channel. For larger elasticity numbers the settling turns the longside of the particle along the stream in the channel center for all velocities below a critical one, identified with a critical Mach number of order one. For larger Mach numbers the ellipse flips into broadside-on falling again. The critical numbers are functions of the channel blockage ratio, the particle aspect ratio and the retardation/relaxation time ratio of the fluid. Two ellipses falling nearby, attract, line-up and straighten-out in a long chain of ellipses with longside vertical, all in a row. Stable, off-center tilting is found for ellipses falling in shear thinning fluids and for cylinders with flat ends in which particles tend align their longest diameter with gravity.

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