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Direct Simulation of the Motion of Particles in Flowing Liquids

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Two size of solid particles resuspended in a Newtonian fluid -- by Peter Huang

Angular Slip Velocity and Lift -- by Douglas Ocando

Sedimentation and Fluidization:

Numerical results of the fluidization of 240 circular particles in a 2-D channel by Peter Huang with Partmover code; the experimental results by Runyuan Bai and Peter Huang. The graphs are in postscript:

Fluidization results by Dr. Tsorng-Whay Pan with DML code can be found in his web site. Here are some of the his results:

Sedimentation results by Matt Knepley with parallel PM code can be found in his Computational Fluid Mechanics and under tittle Movies.

Lift off of Solid Particles in a Poiseuille Flow:

Numerical results with Partmover code by Peter Huang. The following figures are the effects of elasticity number on the lift off of one circular particle in a Poiseuille flow of a Maxwell fluid.

Matt Knepley's PM Physical Analysis:

Some other recent results in connection to the NSF Grand Challenge Project by Tsorng-Whay Pan at University of Houston. Choose the appropriate title to download a postscript file.

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